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    Dakota State University
    Campus building and landscape with daffodils in the foreground.

    Is DSU the right fit for you?

    Our website can tell you only so much about our beautiful campus and innovative programs. The best way to find out if DSU is right for you is to see for yourself!

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    Dakota State University



    Drummond participates in astrobiology research

    DSU Student Spotlight


    Be an expert in your field

    Online Graduate Studies

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    Research at DSU


    Exceptional health care


    Life as a

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    At Dakota State University, we are rising. Our students are driven by a singular focus — be forward-thinking. As a community, we strive to define the future for ourselves and the world. We don't just stand by. We create, we innovate, we push ourselves to action.

    DSU Rising


    99% placement rate for our latest graduating class
    80+ Degrees and Programs
    45+ clubs and activities



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    Majors & Degrees

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      Immerse yourself in research or explore your imagination. Whether you're interested in arts or biology, the The College of Arts and Sciences provides you with the foundation for success in any field. Your passions are our specialties.

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    • East Hall

      College of Business & Information Systems

      Become the leader you know you can be in the Dakota State College of BIS. Challenge yourself to oversee the intricate details of the business world and instill a sense of curiosity as you immerse yourself in hands-on projects and experiences. Discover how you can inspire the world.

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    • beacom building

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      The cyber world is one full of data breaches, malware, hackers, and more. The Beacom College of Computer and Cyber Sciences offers elite training in programming, cybersecurity, and networking. Our programs are nationally recognized and ranked in cybersecurity education and research. Think critically. Be innovative. Find the next big thing.

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    • kennedy center building

      College of Education

      Enhance the learning opportunities of tomorrow. Inspire a student to achieve their fullest potential. In the College of Education, you’ll be transformed into a devoted educator, with expertise in education fundamentals, pedagogy, and technology. Turn your love of teaching into more than just a career.

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    • students and instructor in class


      Discover the rewarding world of a teaching career. Inspire others, celebrate milestones, and feed your inner creativity while shaping our future. Explore subjects like; biology, english, elementary education, and special education.

      • Biology Education (BSE)
      • Business Education (BSE)
      • Computer Education (BSE)
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      • Elementary Education/Special Education (BSE)
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      • Mathematics (BS)
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      Choosing health care means supporting others. From creating exercise plans to learn how to use medical code, be an expert in a field where it matters most.

      • Exercise Science (BS)
      • Health Care Coding Certificate
      • Health Information Administration (BS)
      • Health Information Specialist Certificate
      • Health Information Technology (AS)
      • Healthcare Data Analytics Graduate Certificate
      • Master of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management
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      Embark on a journey that will equip you with technology, management, and communication skills to become a business leader of tomorrow.

      • Accounting (BBA)
      • Banking Security Graduate Certificate
      • Business Analytics Graduate Certificate
      • Business Management (AS)
      • Business Technology (BBA)
      • Computer Information Systems (BS)
      • Data Analytics Certificate
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      • Finance (BBA)
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      • Healthcare Data Analytics Certificate
      • Information Technology Graduate Certificate
      • Management (BBA)
      • Marketing (BBA)
      • Master of Business Administration
      • Master of Science in Analytics
      • Master of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management
      • Master of Science in Information Systems
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      Explore fundamentals like programming, network security, cybersecurity, and more. Discover our state-of-the-art labs, server room, and enterprise level hardware.

      • Banking Security Graduate Certificate
      • Business Analytics Graduate Certificate
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      • Cyber Operations (BS)
      • Cybersecurity Certificate
      • Data Analytics Certificate
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Cyber Defense
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Cyber Operations
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems
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      • High-Performance and Research Computing Certificate
      • Information Technology Graduate Certificate
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      • Master of Science in Analytics
      • Master of Science in Computer Science
      • Master of Science in Computer Science Master of Science in Cyber Defense
      • Master of Science in Information Systems
      • Network and Security Administration (AS)
      • Network and Security Administration (BS)
      • Network and Telecommunications Administration Certificate
      • Network Services Certificate
      • Object Oriented Programming Certificate
      • Software Development (AS)
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      • Technology Database Management Systems Certificate
      • Web Application Development Certificate
      • Web Development (AS)
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      Digital Media & Communications

      Go behind the scenes. Whether you’re a writer, web creator, or digital editor, create, contribute, and correlate the relationship between communication and digital media.

      • Computer Game Design (BS)
      • Computer Science (BS)
      • Digital Arts and Design: Computer Graphics (BS)
      • Digital Arts and Design: Digital Sound Design (BS)
      • Digital Arts and Design: Production Animation (BS)
      • Digital Photography Certificate
      • English for New Media (BS)
      • English for New Media Certificate
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      • Multimedia Design and Production Certificate
      • Professional and Technical Communication Certificate
      • Web Application Development Certificate
      • Web Development (AS)
      • Website Design and Development Certificate
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      Math & Science

      Whether you’re hypothesizing an experiment, or trying to solve a complex equation, our math and science degree options can suit your interests.

      • 蓝·灯破解版
      • Biology (BS)
      • Biology Education (BSE)
      • Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography
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    smiling student in class


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